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Who we are

Who we are

We are specialised in implementing service concepts, processes and work practices that combine modern methods of communication, intelligence of collaborative networks and online information.

We founded Inno-W in 2007, while the world was about to get familiar with innovation trend and WEB2.0 technology. Our original business idea was to help clients to create ideas and develop innovations by utilizing the power of networks and WEB2.0. Tools, methods and technology we developed proved to be versatile, which made us to reshape the business idea and enlarge offering.

While working on with innovations we found out that simple and rapid ways to participate, contribute and communicate with colleagues boost work performance and increase intelligency. We observed as well a digital workspace accessible in any location having a positive impact on completion of work tasks. Therefore we designed a service for having a digital workspace in any location and combining individual and organisational aspects.

According to revised business idea we help our customers to promote sales activities, streamline installation, repair and maintenance services, implement networked business solutions and use tools for fostering ideas and managing innovations. Even our offering covers multiple areas, we take into consideration unique and special needs of each client.

Inno-W is a Microsoft Partner. Microsoft partnership ensures that we have the latest know how on microsoft products and services.

Inno-W is a member of TIVIT (Tieto- ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus TIVIT Oy). TIVIT's overriding aim is to further increase the pace of development of Finnish know-how, which in turn will ensure growth of the business activities of the whole sector, and therein the creation of new jobs. As one of Finland’s Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOKs) – TIVIT’s role is not only to bring together and systematise research and development, but also to ensure that the results of research are understood, applied and adopted as part of companies’ business practice faster than ever before. TIVIT Homepage.

What we do

What we do

Welodia Cloud Service

Customer Portals

We help our customers to promote sales activities, streamline installation, repair and maintenance services, implement networked business solutions and use tools for fostering ideas and managing innovations.

Do the following challenges sound familiar? Is it taking too much time to solve the problems when experts are busy elsewhere? Is there a history of similar problems? Where to find previous solutions and related documentation? Would a photo or an audio sample help you to solve the problem? Is it difficult to gather all the good ideas and development proposals into one place without losing any important data?

If you answer “yes” to some of the above mentioned challenges, we will be happy to present you our digital solutions and services which are divided into two areas: WELODIA Cloud service and customer specific portals. Both areas are designed for installation, maintenance and support operations, product development, innovation, internal communication and training purposes.

Welodia – smart and collaborative way to work! Welodia is a cloud service that provides companies with digital work practices for boosting performance and knowledge. Welodia works around the world for sales and services such as installation, maintenance and support. Welodia combines teams and business partners with modern methods of communication and information processing. Welodia lays a solid foundation for collaborative work practices.

Welodia connects teams, organizations and networks as business processes. It combines the expertise and individual skills and turns them into operational activities. Welodia find experts, work tasks, previous actions and decisions.

Welodia contains an electronic desktop, which is equipped with facilities of video conferencing, instant messaging, presentations, documents, notes and to-do lists. E-desk enables teams to work for preparing proposals or promotions, solving problems, answering customer inquiries, preparing maintenance actions, holding meetings or planning other activities. If required a customer may join the same E-desk.

Welodia contains also a professional desktop, which allows experts to investigate problems, defects or customer inquiries. Investigations may relate to e.g. equipments, systems or production sites, which are subject of maintenance services. Welodia helps experts to find similar problems, defects, remedies, fixes or solutions. Welodia stores information about equipments, systems, production sites and helps experts to have a snapshot and status. Welodia may be integrated into other systems, services or data flows.

Welodia connects teams, organizations and networks as business processes and speeds up company's operations and deployment of new services. Welodia combines expertise and individual skills and turns them into operational activities, which will improve the quality of services and execution of work tasks. Welodia may shorten execution time of work tasks even from days to minutes!

What does a company benefit from faster and smarter work practices? We believe the company will benefit in several ways:

  • Customer satisfaction improves, while processing time of complaints and inquiries shortens
  • Utilization rate of products and services increases as the repair of problems and defects gets faster
  • Quality of proposals and tenders improves, while customer-specific knowledge can be used more widely and faster
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation will increase, while customer-, product- and service-specific information will be more visible and accessible
  • Maintenance actions and visits will be more accurate, while expertise and knowledge will grow
  • Assistance will be faster available as experts from distance can more easily contribute

Welodia will simplify work tasks, grow customer satisfaction, assist sales operation and improves the quality of services. Welodia is faster, smarter and more open way to work!

Welodias Idea Management is an advanced idea collection and analysis tool.

Please take a look at the introduction page at

Inno-W’s community based portal solutions are suitable for the use of different communities, research organizations, or clusters. Our portal solutions enables interactive and collaborative working, effective idea management and development of know-how.

Inno-W’s community based platform enables a real time community based communication, work premises for communities which are easy to edit, open and closed items for communities, documentation administration, dicussion forums and innovation applications. Security is an essential part of our portals.

Portal technology

The portal are implemented using Microsoft Sharepoint technology or alternatively using Open source technology. Microsoft Sharepoint technology offer superior integration to Microsoft Office tools. Open source allows more flexibility in the design of the portal. Also the license costs are considerably cheaper for Open source platform.

Where all the good ideas have gone? We had it, but lost it. How on earth we could catch ideas, fill them with insights and turn into actions? And finally have a real innovation. Should we have a special innovation day or can we do it every day? We here at Inno-W have made a solution, which helps us to catch ideas and systematically work all the way up to innovation. Our solution is designed to ensure that ideas are not lost, but to be worked into innovations! The collaboration will reveal the real value of idea.

  • A comprehensive solution for managing ideas and innovations: Includes an idea forum; methods for managing ideas, proposals, and projects; tools for criteria and expert group management to ensure the systematic management of the innovation process.
  • Professionals and communities working together: People, transparency and information flow are basics for brainstorming and creativity. The idea forum delivers that basics to connect professionals and communities and provides them with tools to foster ideas.
  • Information in order:  The approach for catching and gathering ideas for instance to develop new products, services or features can be arranged in an organized and systematic way. Idea forum applies this systematic approach.
  • Understanding the status and capabilities: Management center provides an instant view to status and stage of ideas. It provides information for business planning purposes and gives an overview of capabilities.
  • Effective way of evaluating ideas and projects: Systematic evaluation in a collaborative way will reveal the value of ideas. The evaluation method plays an important role, while making real innovations.
  • Cloud Service:  Inno-W’s solution can with all benefits of cloud service – easy to deploy, anytime, anywhere. Customer specific needs and requirements can also be taken into consideration.

Check out our INNOVATION HUB brochure!



This page showcases some of the cases we have done for our customers. Each page contains short summary of the project and customer benefits.

Take a look at some of the case we have done:

CLEEN Research Portal services thousands of professionals for information interchange. CLEEN Ltd. is a completely new way to realize the energy and environmental research in Finland. It is designed to bring focus and industry lead to the research.


CLEEN Ltd – Shareholder companies (28): ABB Oy, Andritz Oy, Ekokem Oy Ab, FCG Planeko Oy, Fortum Oyj, Foster Weeler Energia Oy, Gasum Oy, Helsingin Energia, Hollming Oy, Kemira Oyj, Kumera Oy, Kuusakoski Oy, Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj, Metso Oyj, Neste Oil Oyj, Outokumpu Oyj, Outotec Oyj, Pohjolan Voima Oy, Rautaruukki Oyj, Stora Enso Oyj, The Switch Engineering Oy, UPM-Kymmene Oyj, Vaisala Oyj, Vantaan Energia Oy, Vapo Oy, Elenia Verkko Oy, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, ÅF-Consult Oy and research  institutions  (17).

Link to CLEEN Homepage



The portal is implemented using latest Microsoft Sharepoint technologies which offers superior integration to Microsoft Office tools. The Inno-W solution enables rich open collaborative workspaces for programs and project teams. It creates completely new working structure for research work and innovation management.


The platform offers wide range of best of class tools for online collaborative work. It helps to create sites for programs and workspaces for teams. It support manage programs and projects from different aspects as funding, research work and resource management. Information is more transparent and the valuable quiet information can be recorded through the discussion channels.

What we learned

Implementing a collaborative tool for large userbase is very challenging and support services play a key role in achieving good user experience.

Contact Person: Tommy Jacobson, CEO.


FIBIC is one of the six Strategic Centres for science, technology and innovation in Finland (SHOK) which offers businesses and research organizations a new way of engaging in close, long-term cooperation with the aim to build the future, sustainable bio-based economy.

Link to FIBIC homepage

The total budget for all programs is about 20 M€ annually.

The shareholders (18) are research institutes and companies, as Andritz Oy, Kemira Oyj, Metso Corporation, Metsä Fibre Oy, Metsäliitto Group, Metsä Board Oyj, Stora Enso Oyj and UPM-Kymmene Corporation.


The Inno-W solution enables rich open collaborative workspace for programs and projects. Solution support community based working of all project participants and includes tools for evaluating ideas, project proposals and results of projects. The valuation and decision can be made in networked environment by responsible owner organisations with pre-defined selection criteria. It also provide project dashboard for manage projects and report costs according to budget.


The solution  offers wide range of best of class tools for online collaborative work and innovation management. Customer portal solutions helps to create ideas and develop innovations in network environment by utilizing the power of collaboration, social media and crowd sourcing. Information is more transparent and the valuable quiet information can be recorded through the discussion channels.

What we learned


Always when many parties are involved in innovation, the challenge is to gather all the good ideas, thoughts and proposals into one place and not to lose any important data. It also makes innovation management more complicated. New community based approach has opened novel opportunities solve these challenges. It connects customers, suppliers and partners in the innovation process enabling openness in all business interfaces.


The Biorefinery Research Portal is the central information platform in Europe for ongoing biorefinery-related R&D projects, organisations, funding agencies and other research initiatives.

The consortium of the European Research Project Star-COLIBRI consists of 12 organisations. As one of the project work tasks, the consortia members will collect information about ongoing research projects in the area of Biorefineries. The information about the research projects will be used to:

  • Identify “winner projects”
  • Identify gaps and overlaps in the activities of the research projects
  • Help research projects to collaborate with each other
  • Analyse macro parameters such as the level of public funding and geographical distribution of research efforts
  • The information about the research projects should be available to the European public
  • The European public should also be able to add information

The hub of these activities will be a web based content management solution or “Star-COLIBRI Biorefinery Portal” inspired by Wikimedia solutions but with context-specific search functionality, more user friendly cut and paste functionality and statistical tools and list making functions. In order for the Biorefinery Portal to become useful, it must be available and functioning on time. Meeting the deadlines for the tender are crucial for the success of the Star-COLIBRI project

The Web solution should facilitate collection and exchange information between all relevant biorefinery stakeholders, but especially between the members of the project consortium

Over 350 projects are already available in the database. Star-Colibri Homepage.


The portal is implemented using wiki technology. This provides stable and scalable platform.

Link to Star-COLIBRI Portal


The portal enables easy searching, data aggregation and filtering. 

What we learned


Contact Person: Johan Elvnert, +32 (0)474 923 724,

Inno-W was part of the the ITEI development- and product development project which goal was the realisation of a Cyber Space for Product Innovation and Innovative Software Development. ITEI project’s technological objective was to develop a software environment (Cyber Room), through which the connected applications (existing workflows, groupware, business intelligence, innovation fostering games, project management tools, etc.) will be able to exchange and synchronize management models and performance data. Inno-W brough a strong knowledge to the ITEI project regarding information technologies and understanding how to utilize them in a corporate environment.

The ITEI Project consortium consists of Finnish companies and research institutes: Inno-W, Metso Automation, Movial CT, Nokia Siemens Networks, TSG-TestSolutions, University of Oulu, VTT

Read more about ITEI Project


Community platform (Cyber Room) was developed during the project. It was implemented using Web 2.0 technologies, web services and semantic databases. Application layer consist the innovation management and customer and partner interface management application. Community platform development included definition work of cyber space regarding the overall architecture and different components of the software platform. Cyber Space allows software intensive product builders to better manage their company-specific innovation. It assists software intensive product builders/project managers in selecting and tailoring the most appropriate innovation strategy depending on their context. Product builders can also manage better the execution of its innovation projects in a swiftly changing development environment, monitoring and updating the status and progress of the projects and obtaining the necessary and sufficient knowledge to enable quick response and decision making concerning the projects performance and business goals.


Project results were directly transferable into Inno-W’s innovation management solutions and services. New products represent completely new solutions to the market. These products combine new Web 2.0 technologies and community-based work practices in innovation management. Innovation platform helps to achieve new innovations faster, thanks to working which is independent of time and place and better transparency of the information.

What we learned?

Our technological know-how grew during the project. Technology provides a number of functions that support the development of innovation process tools.

Link to SinnoBok (Practical Open Idea Management, Inno-W & Finnish Forestcluster)

UPM Research and Technology Management Portal implements a new way to manage innovations and research projects – an open and collaborative way. Due to collaboration the knowledge sharing has grown within the group and partner network, which is genuinely increasing potential for innovations.



Solution is based on the tools, which enable a collaboration and online work for innovations. Two main tools are: idea management and project management.

Idea management transforms entire organization and partner network towards a more open way of innovating and exploiting opportunities. Members can contribute and share ideas any time anywhere. A systematic process for capturing, rating, comparing, and selecting ideas ensures that the most promising ideas truly come to the fore. By connecting lead users and key customers to the process of capturing ideas has increased potential for innovations.

A tool for project management of pipelines and innovations show the overall status of projects via versatile dashboards. Resources and resource usage can easily be simulated and refocused. Dashboards visualizes performance of current projects in the terms of real and planned budget, schedule etc. Visualization of milestones, decision-making points, action points, task lists and review templates will make the project management easy.



  • Portal solution increases collaboration and knowledge sharing within the group and partner network. The solution fosters the creation of ideas and helps in developing ideas to innovations.
  • An open and collaborative way encourages people to contribute and share knowledge, which makes the innovation process much faster.
  • Portal solution and management tools increase consistency and transparency of project practices as well as the compatibility of technologies and concepts. That leads to more reliable and efficiently used results.
  • Systematic process for planning, a user friendly reporting tool and modern communication tools improve the usage of resources.

What we learned?

The collaborative innovation process enables open or access controlled web communities with proven innovation efficiency. All corporate functions (marketing, sales, production etc.) can be involved in innovation process, as well as users, clients and external partners. This gives you access to crowd wisdom boosting revenue growth and profitability through higher innovation potential. The collaborative innovation process includes virtual workspaces where people work together and share ideas, concepts and solutions. They learn from each other in multidisciplinary teams and communities. Online community decision-making is more efficient than traditional face to face meetings.

Contact person: Dr. Markku Karlsson, Senior Vice President, Technology at UPM-Kymmene Oyj


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